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Who are the biggest Youtube stars in Russia?

09 Apr 2014

Youtube stars Russia


Russia is in the top five biggest Youtube countries in the world. Among the billion global Youtube-watchers, over the last few years the importance of Russia grew dramatically.

Yulia Solovyova, director of Google’s office in Russia, stated that today the Russian Youtube audience tops over 50 million people in total (source: RIA Novosti).

But it’s not just about numbers: in a previous post we discussed the importance of Instagram in Russia’s society, mentioning 6 of the most influential celebrities on the photo-sharing platform (including powerful politicians like Dmitry Medvedev and Ramzan Kadyrov). Today we are analysing how Youtube is changing the way youngsters in Russia consume entertainment.

Once you light up on YouTube you burn bright, but then it is very hard to remain popular; the following stars are now well-known people online as well as in the real life, and they have been proven capable of doing that in the long run.

Let’s divide Youtube stars in Russia in 5 categories: humour, beauty, personal vlogs, kids, music. Here we go.


Russian comedians taking over Youtube

We can say that there are two leaders in Russia this genre: This is Хорошо and +100500.

This is Хорошо  (where Хорошо is Good, in Russian) is produced in Riga, Latvia, but held in Russian. It is similar to Equals Three, the uber-popular Youtube channel launched in 2007 by American vlogger Ray William Johnson, that counts now over 2.5 billion views.

Stas Davydov is the host of This is Хорошо, and he reviews three viral videos submitted by users, adding satirical comments on them. In 2011, Stas was named the “Best Russian video blog of the year“, and on January 2014, the YouTube channel has more than 600 million views and over 4 million subscribers.



+100500 is an even more popular show – still based on the same technic as Equals Three – and it was launched 2 months before This is Хорошо, on August 2010. The main characteristics of this show are in a showman who is constantly swearing, and a well-recognizable leopard background (and also, in its 5,103,000 followers and an average of 1,5 million views per video). 



Meet the beauty-star Elena Krygina 

Elena Krygina started her vlog about make-up around one year ago, and now she a true online and offline star. She is well know on Vkontakte as well, and gives master classes all over Russia. She’s good friends with Russian fashion web-star Belonika (mentioned on our report about Russian Instagram celebrities).

Her channel has 209,000 followers; average views for her videos range from 150,000 to 200,000.



Kate Clapp’s personal vlog

Nickname Kate Clapp – real name is Ekaterina Trofimova – was born in 1993, but already in 2008 she started her first channel FoggyDisaster at the age of 16, with vlogs about her life, then shifting towards a more comedy approach (here’s an old video where she discusses movies Inception vs. Twilight).

Later she opned a new channel TheKateClapp channel, where she is showing her life and talks about a variety of topics that are interesting for her followers. Now both channels give her more than 2 millions of followers in total: 



Youtube for kids: Masha and the Bear

Маша и Медведь (Masha and the Bear) is a cartoon for little kids. The quality of the digital animation is very high, and the stories are well-crafted.

The channel has few followers (3,000), but even with small army of subscribers each video has over 20,000,000 (20 million) total views. The last episode reached 10 million views in less than two weeks.

The show has also a 25k-members-strong community on Odnoklassniki (the second biggest social network in Russia).



How did Nikolay Voronov become a pop star?

Last but not least, we have Nikolay Voronov and his hit video Белая стрекоза любви (which can be roughly translated as White Dragonfly of Love). Nikolay was a shy student when he was shot on mobile by his classmates in 2004; the video became viral and soon Ukrainian pop-rock band Quest Pistols started to collaborate with him.

He then became a real online star, and offline too: he was invited in many TV shows, he organised personal concerts in several Moscow clubs and still continues his music – and showman – career.

Here is the video that made it popular, reaching over a million views in a short time:



Ekaterina Sivertseva

Ekaterina Sivertseva

Born in Moscow, she has degree in Management from NRU HSE (Moscow) and studied at Cattolica University in Milan. After an experience in a Digital Agency in Moscow, she joined Young Digitals as social media manager.


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