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Odnoklassniki and MoiMir bring TV shows to Russian Internet users

22 May 2014



Video consumption in Russia is a big deal: local Youtube stars reach millions of views, and the need for entertainment content is every day stronger among Russian Internet users. This is something local social networks have understood quite well, and quickly.

Russia’s second biggest social network Odnoklassniki opened the video section in 2011, in order to catch up with its the biggest competitor, Vkontakte. In fact,  the main SNS in Russia opened its video section back in 2006, and multimedia content played a major role in establishing VK as the leading social network in Russia and the Runet.

A few years later, at the end of 2013, Odnoklassniki launched its own TV and cinema service, allowing users to watch online – and most importantly in a legal way – some TV shows from STS, a popular Russian entertainment TV channel.

Recently, the social network expanded its service, fully integrating to its video section shows from TNT, another popular Russian TV broadcaster (source:


Odnoklassniki video


This is a big thing, as some of the TNT programs are now available on the social network at the same time they are aired on TV, representing a great advantage for users. The service is free, as Odnoklassniki is monetising through its advertising system.

This is not only a way to keep its users engaged inside the platform: it’s also a big step to fight piracy and provide licensed content, a quite sensitive issue in Russia.

Another news related to digital distribution of TV content came from MoiMir, the social network part of the galaxy; the platform started distributing STS video content, and in the future will also broadcast content from TNT channel (source: It looks like the third social network in Russia is not dying; moreover, MoiMir counts now 30 million monthly active users, and this new feature will help it attract a new audience and enter a new phase.

We recall that Odnoklassniki and MoiMir belong to the same media holding, Mail.Ru Group.

Ekaterina Sivertseva

Ekaterina Sivertseva

Born in Moscow, she has degree in Management from NRU HSE (Moscow) and studied at Cattolica University in Milan. After an experience in a Digital Agency in Moscow, she joined Young Digitals as social media manager.


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