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Digital marketing: three interactive campaigns from Brazil

11 Jun 2013

Digital Marketing Brazil


As we’ve seen many times, nowadays Brazil is among the most interesting countries to keep an eye on to see what innovation in digital communication really means. Probably this is also due to the fact that half of its over 190 million population has now access to the Internet.

We’ve recently talked about different brands strategies to interact with fans on Facebook; today we’ll show three interesting campaigns coming from one of the most social media active countries in the world!


Smirnoff on Youtube

Smirnoff is one of the leading vodka brands in the world and they just created an online marketing strategy on Youtube to interact with consumers and make them have their first experience with the new flavors Vanilla, Cranberry and Green Apple.

The idea is to bring a sensory experience of the brand’s new flavors. Users can choose between three doors, each one is related to one flavor. The world of each new Smirnoff brings a specific audio.

This effect creates the illusion that objects and people are moving close to users, making them part of that world. A webcam can be used too; while listening to the audio, the camera can detect movements and make users interact with the whole story.


Smirnoff Brazil


The Youtube channel also offers videos related to the brand and the new products. The campaign is also linked to a series of TV commercials called “Mundo das Sensações” (World of Sensations). The campaign – which can be experienced on Smirnoff Brasil’s Youtube Channel – has been run by Wieden+Kennedy agency.


Billboard Magazine

To prove once again how important is mobile in the country, Billboard Magazine – together with Ogilvy Brazil – led an interesting field-test campaign with NFC technology to promote the Lollapalooza festival in São Paulo. Readers of the popular magazine could listen to the bands they were reading about right on their phones:



Bradesco and Facebook Banking

We’ve recently talked about the multi-media strategy of Itaú Bank, the financial institution able to set up a great communication on both Facebook and Youtube.

The last example of this post comes from a bank too: Bradesco set up a full online-banking system right on the Facebook page, called F.Banking.


Bradesco Facebook Banking


Everything is based on a Facebook app – created by agency AG2 Publicis Modem – which can be found in a tab of the over-4-million-fans page of Bradesco Bank. The app also allowed users to raise money through social sharing, be it a charity-related activity or just a way to collect money for a birthday present.

You can check out this videographic describing the service:



Fernanda Costa Gama (with the collaboration of Guido Ghedin)

Fernanda Costa Gama

After a degree in marketing and several professional experiences in Los Angeles, she flew back to Porto Alegre, Brazil, to work as a social media and marketing consultant.


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