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Indonesia Digital Recap // Mar 2014

01 Apr 2014



This column is dedicated to digital marketing in Indonesia, exploring the social media trends coming from the country, and showing the most interesting campaigns each month.

Contents are taken from Indonesia Digital 2014, a project run by Pitra Satvika, Jakarta-based social media enthusiast and observer. 


This issue’s contents are:

  1. Kit Kat Indonesia’s viral videos hit the web
  2. Coca Cola Indonesia gets interactive on Google Plus
  3. Cornetto brings Taylor Swift to Jakarta


1) Kit Kat Indonesia’s viral videos hit the web

The popular Nestlé chocolate brand recently launched a new campaign based on two very peculiar videos. Here’s the first one to hit the web:



The video has an over-the-top style, with references to Japanese super hero old movies, yet with strong tie-ins with the Indonesian popular culture (all the characters played by the main guy): the combination of the two made the video quickly go viral online.

Here’s the second video, which was published shortly after and was referring to the female target: the video is Cinderella-themed, with the same kind of style and tone as the first one:



The videos fired up the conversation on social networks around the hashtag #MiniBREAKVideo.


2) Coca Cola gets interactive on Google Plus

Coca Cola is among the few brands in Indonesia that are successfully using Google Plus, with a channel that counts over 34 thousand followers. The brand is using the platform for a series of cross-platform hashtag campaigns, and organised hangouts with fans. Also, they’re posting GIFs, as G+ is the only social media enabling it:



3) Cornetto brings Taylor Swift to Jakarta

On June 4th 2014 Taylor Swift will be performing in Jakarta, at Mata Elang International Stadium, and it will be a huge event.

The Asian leg of the long-time running and record-breaking Red Tour of the American country-pop star is presented by Cornetto, and the Unilever-owned ice cream brand has launched a massive web campaign in Indonesia. People can find special codes on the ice cream wrap, which give points that will be redeemed online, to win special prizes, merchandise and meet and greet with the artist.


Indonesia taylor Swift


Of course the campaign is generating a huge buzz on social media in Indonesia, with countless Twitter users using the hashtags #CornettoREDTour and #RoadToREDTourJKT.

Cornetto is also using the Facebook channel to promote the initiative at the local level: over 1,17 million fans of the Cornetto global Facebook page are from Indonesia (source: Social Bakers).


Taylor Swift Indonesia


Pitra Satvika

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Pitra Satvika

Pitra is social media and technology enthusiast living in Jakarta, Indonesia. He founded and runs Stratego, a digital agency.


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