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Indonesia digital recap // Feb 2014

04 Mar 2014


We’re starting today a column dedicated to digital marketing in Indonesia, exploring the social media trends coming from the country, and showing the most interesting campaigns each month.

Contents are taken from Indonesia Digital 2014, a project run by Pitra Satvika, Jakarta-based social media enthusiast and observer.


This issue’s contents are:

  1. Digital in Indonesia (in numbers)
  2. Telcos on Valentine’s Day
  3. “Selfies” become a marketing strategy
  4. Indonesia crowns “Miss social media” and “Miss Chat”


1) Digital in Indonesia (in numbers)

Here’s a very interesting Slideshare presentation about the numbers of social media, mobile and e-commerce in Indonesia, by Seno Pramuadji.

Indonesia counts 64 million Facebook users – 70% of them are under 25 years old; Jakarta and Bandung are on the top 10 of the most Twitter-active cities globally.

Among mobile Internet users, 23% access via smartphone, while a vast majority (77%) browse the Web with feature phones. And numbers keep on growing: by 2015 there will be 7.4 million digital buyers in Indonesia.



2) Telco brands on Valentine’s day

Following the trend on western world, few Indonesian brands started talking with one another. During Valentine day, a telecommunication company, XL Axiata (@XL123) greet the brand’s direct competitors on Twitter, Telkomsel (@simPati), @AXISgsm, @IndosatMania, and @triindonesia.


XL Axiata


The tweet got responded quickly by Telkomsel and AXIS, generating buzz among Twitter users:


Twitter marketing Indonesia


3) “Selfies” become a marketing strategy

Selfies are a huge trend all over the world – and of course in Indonesia too. That’s why two big brands such as Nissan and telco XL Axiata jumped on the bandwagon with two successful campaigns. Nissan encouraged users to share their selfies on a branded mini-website, with the chance of getting to drive a Nissan car and a full day of shopping:


Nissan Indonesia


While XL Axiata launched a whole communication project around the hashtag #SelfieUnlimited: 


Social media Indonesia


4) Indonesia crowns “Miss social media”

Aside of the usual crowning of Miss Indonesia 2014, the event also crowned 3 other girls that has techy titles: Miss Online, Miss Social Media, and Miss Chat.


Miss Indonesia


Miss Social Media was awarded for the girl who has the highest likes received on YouTube videos, Facebook, and Instagram picture. And Miss Online was awarded for the girl who received the highest vote on Miss Indonesia’s official website. Miss Chat was awarded for the girl who has the highest vote from WeChat users:


WeChat Indonesia


The vote was opened for about a week. Miss Online category was first introduced in 2011 by the organizer, MNC Media, while the other two titles were introduced this year.


Pitra Satvika

Pitra Satvika

Pitra is social media and technology enthusiast living in Jakarta, Indonesia. He founded and runs Stratego, a digital agency.


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