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Facebook marketing in Brazil: 5 brands that are doing it good

07 Feb 2013

Facebook Marketing Brazil


Recently I’ve been observing a series of Brazilian Facebook pages, and I was shocked by the “freshness” of their style, and of the ideas they came up with.

But creativity is not the only important thing we have to consider when we talk abou this country; Brazil must be taken into serious consideration for the incredible growth of Facebook users, which seems unstoppable.

As we can see from the data presented in this Social Bakers studio, Brazil is the country that show the biggest growth for what concerns MAU (Monthly Active Users) compared to 2012. These figures are way higher than all the following countries; only India, in fact, gets close to the numbers expressed by Brazil.


Facebook Brazil


Analyzing the total amount of users, Brazil falls only behind USA, with over 65 million users. But even a qualitative analysis of Brazilian Facebook users shows pretty interesting results:


Facebook Brazil


As we can see, the majority of Brazilian fans are grouped inside the 18-24 years old segment (32%).

Brazil can count on a very young user base – as an example in Italy the majority of Facebook users fall into the 25-34 years old range (25%). And 54% of the Brazilians on Facebook are female, another very interesting data.

So, Facebook in Brazil can count on a big number of users, which keeps on growing, and generally very young – which is not surprising, since just a few days ago we discussed the story of “Imagina na copa”, a project launched by young people and targeting young people.

But there’s even more, as we can read in a post by the WSJ called “Brazil, the social media capital of the Universe“:

According to ComScore research, the average time spent on Facebook globally dropped 2% to 361 average minutes per user per month by September 2012, compared with a year earlier. But in Brazil, Facebook time grew 208% to 535 minutes over the same period. Meanwhile, the average time spent per YouTube visitor in Brazil grew 5% to 140 minutes, even as it dropped 3% to 161 minutes world-wide.


Also, Brazil is also the second biggest market in the world – after only the US – for what concerns Twitter users and Youtube unique visitors, and users show a strong sharing attitude: in Brazil “It’s common for someone to start talking to you in the elevator or in a restaurant just to start a conversation,” told Alexandre Hohagen – Facebook Latin America VP – to the Wall Street Journal.

All these data clearly mean that the country is a fertile ground for all those brands that are willing to “dare” a little, and get out of the standard paradigms – in order to engage a huge audience in a booming country.

So today we will analyze some of the biggest Brazilian brand pages on Facebook, to see which style they adopted and which results it can bring to brands.

In order to give an interesting point of view, I selected the pages that – in my opinion – offer the most distintive communication style, from the graphic solutions to the tone of voice. And, of course, even considering numbers.


Guaraná Antarctica

The page of this guaraná-flavored soft drink made with  can definitely be considered the queen of Brazilian Facebook brand pages. As we already discussed in this post about Facebook and Youtube marketing in Brazil, the digital presence of Guaraná Antarctica is a great case history.

  • Fans: 10.223.211
  • People Talking About This: 276.980

The whole communication strategy leverages on two main themes: friendship and the combination of different kind of foods with the soft drink.



I find particularly interesting the posts dedicated to the relationship between friends, through which the brand becomes herald of the concept of “true friendship”. And fans seem to react very well to this sort of contents, which are related to the brand value rather than the mere product promotion.



Regarding this theme, the brand developed a very funny app, called “Ex Lover Blocker”, dedicated to those who want to help their friends forgetting their former loves. If you want to know more you can check this out:



Brahma Official

This is simply my favorite page. A part from the official page, the beer brand Brahma has pages dedicated to the national football team, an to several other Brazilian famous teams.

  • Fans: 2.084.684
  • People Talking About This: 148.947

Posts are funny and enjoyable, thanks to a “fresh” style that often takes inspiration from current web trends.



Also worth to mention is the well-working mashup between pictures and illustrations, with a very ironic touch:





  • Fans: 9.294.911
  • People Talking About This: 227.349

Even in this case, the keyword is: irony. The beer brand Skol has been able to build and establish an its own iconographic style, well recognizable in every content they share.



A lot of space is also given to the contents created by fans, which are shared in a specific frame in order to maximize interactions and shares, providing a connection with the product but always keeping the light pointed on fans.





Trident Brasil

  • Fans: 8.582.087 (Global Page)
  • Brazilian Fans: 4.126.008 
  • People Talking About This: 124.182 

The Brazilian page of the chewing gum brand Trident is particularly distinctive for the creative re-usage of the product. It actually become the basis of a series of quite impactful graphic works. Other than that, some funny characters are created by using the packaging of the gums, in order to make the page look always alive.



The style is always very light and funny, characterized by the right mix between illustration and real pictures. Even in this case, popular internet memes and viral characters are used to enhance interaction and sharing. Trident is an example of a Global Page: the brand can count on several local pages – the Brazilian one among them – in order to target different markets.





  • Fans: 3.507.115 (Global Page)
  • Brazilian Fans: 1.706.402 
  • People Talking About This: 41.442 

The Havaianas Facebook page must be kept into consideration, especially for the constant ability to come up with cool graphic ideas, like inserting the product inside extremely creative and colorful artworks. And fans seem to like this a lot, if we consider the amount of Likes and shares. Even Havaianas is a Global Page.



One thing is sure: there are several pages we should keep an eye on, to understand what communication styles are the most effective while targeting a young and fresh audiences. If there’s a country where Facebook marketing is fun… this country is Brazil!

Marco Fey

Marco Fey

Music, football and social media addict. He currently lives in Turin, and works as digital strategist at Bitmama. He likes to explore international digital landscapes.


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