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Brazil: how a bank is using Youtube for digital marketing

05 Mar 2013


Last year we discussed the Guaraná Antarctica case history – the most important soda brand in Brazil – and we decided to call the post “Facebook and Youtube marketing in Brazil“, since the brand is extremely active (and efficient) on both channels.

Today we’ll talk about another brand that is doing great on both platforms. Once again, from Brazil, but the field is quite different: from drinks to financial services.

Itaú is one of the leading banks in Brazil, and it’s pretty active on social media. The bank is on Twitter, with over 35K followers, and it has a very cool activity on the Facebook page – which counts over 4 million fans.


Itaú on Facebook

The page is quite active and well structured, dealing with a huge variety of topics targeting a quite young audience. Just to give you a quick idea, they set up an Instagram-based contest to give free tickets for the Rock in Rio festival:


Facebook Brazil


Then they partnered-up with a series of events that are afterwards covered on the page. Like the recent Carnival de Salvador (we’re in Brazil after all, aren’t we?):


Facebook events


Also, the São Paulo-based bank’s Facebook page offers a series of interactive apps and games. Like the Pacman-alike Paperman:


Facebook app Brazil


By the way, it’s not the first time we see a bank doing great on social media in the LatAm area: as we’ve seen, last year a Venezuelan bank – Banesco – became the most popular finance-related brand on Twitter.


Itaú on Youtube

But the focus of our post is on Itaú’s Youtube activity: along with Google, Itaú created a custom design project offering the most viewed videos by Brazilian Internet. The “Mais Vistos” channel was on air since October 2012, but it was officially launched on February 24th 2013. For the records, Itaú has over 18K subscribers on the channel.

Here’s an introductory video of the initiative:



The project received the support of DM9DDB, one of the largest and most awarded agencies in the country, and offers a variety of categories to display, such as music, entertainment or sports, and all can be filter by date.


itaù youtube


The “Mais Vistos” channel allows users to choose what they want to see filtering by country, what type of videos they want to see, the most viewed videos of the week, day, month or the  Top 10 List of the more viewed videos and Top 10 shared videos. You can also check general popularity data by place (Brazil, USA, Mexico, UK and global) and in 16 categories, such as animals, sports, and cars. In addition the tool features a graphic with a map view of the channel plus another graphic made with the Brazilian city views.

The tool is automatic and the information comes directly from the YouTube API – therefore Itaú, DM9DDB or Google don’t have any access or power to change the data.

The project took a year of development because of a constantly exchange between Itaú, sponsor of the channel, and its agency, the DM9DDB. Only from Google, more than 45 people from various departments were involved in the project, including teams from abroad.

Fernanda Costa Gama

Fernanda Costa Gama

After a degree in marketing and several professional experiences in Los Angeles, she flew back to Porto Alegre, Brazil, to work as a social media and marketing consultant.


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