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“The Runet” is an area of Eurasia where international communications occur in Russian language, and the Internet is mostly used in Cyrillic. It includes:

The Russian Federation – 70 million Internet users
Ukraine – 15 million Internet users.
Belarus – 5 million Internet users.
Kazakhstan – 8 million Internet users.
Uzbekistan – 9 million Internet users.
• Georgia, Azerbaijan, Armenia – 8 million Internet users.

Due to a series of geographical and linguistic factors, several social media platforms based in Russia encountered a great success after 2005, thus not allowing global platforms to grow as much. The most popular are:

Vkontakte – social network with 80 million users (47M in Russia).
Odnoklassniki – social network with 65.5 million users (40M in Russia).
MoiMir – social network and web portal.

In the Russian Federation Facebook counts 8 million, Twitter 3 to 5 million users, mostly located in the Moscow and Saint Petersburg area.

The most popular search engines are:

Yandex – over 60% of the search market share. – 25% of the search market share.


Social networks

  • VkontakteVkontakte
    Started in 2006 as a Facebook clone, it is now the main social network in Russia, with over 80M users (45M in Russia)

  • OdnoklassnikiOdnoklassniki
    Russian SNS popular among over-35. Owned by, it means “classmates” and has 65.5M users (40M in Russia)

    The most popular email service in Russia, also used in USA and Germany

  • MoiMirMoiMir
    Russian social network associated with accounts

  • LiveJournalLiveJournal
    American personal diary and blogging platform, popular in Russia for personal and brand use

  • DraugiemDraugiem
    The main social network in Latvia, launched in 2004

  • ВСети.byВСети.by
    A very popular social network in Belarus, with over a million users

  • QroomQroom
    Fully socially-integrated Q&A-based social network; currently booming in Russia

  • FutubraFutubra
    Twitter-alike social network launched by (the project has actually been stopped)

  • MambaMamba
    The biggest and socially-integrated dating website in Russia, with over 11.5 million users

  • PinmePinme
    The Russian clone of Pinterest, launched in December 2012 and counting 4,5 million monthly users

  • Bolshoy VoprosBolshoy Vopros
    The biggest online Q&A community in Russia

Video ShArInG PlAtfOrMs

  • SpacesRutube
    Russian video sharing website, with social-integrated personalized sections

  • SpacesCOUB
    Popular Russian 10-seconds-video sharing platforms

  • SpacesIVI
    Russian online video service, with both paid and free content

  • SpacesSmotri
    Popular Russian online video and entertainment distribution platform

  • YandexYandex
    The most visited website and the main search engine in Russia

  • RamblerRambler
    Popular Russian search engine and news portal

Ecommerce Platforms

  • LamodaLamoda
    Fashion ecommerce platform, very popular and rapidly-growing in Russa (launched by Rocket Internet)

  • OzonOzon
    The biggest ecommerce and ditribution platform in Russia for books, electronics and entertainment products

  • KupiVipKupiVip
    Fast-growing Russian online shopping site for fashion items.

  • SotmarketSotmarket
    The biggest ecommerce and ditribution platform in Russia for electronics products


    • SpacesSpaces
      Mobile-oriented Russian social networking site

    • 2gis2gis
      PC and mobile-based interactive map system, popular across Russia and Ukraine



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