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The biggest Internet countries in Far East are:

Japan – 100 million Internet users.
Indonesia – 60 million Internet users.
South Korea – 40 million Internet users.
Philippines – 35 million Internet users.
Vietnam – 30 million Internet users.
Thailand – 26 million Internet users.
Malaysia – 18 million Internet users.
Taiwan – 18 million Internet users.
Singapore – 4 million Internet users.

South Korea and Japan have been for a long time impenetrable to global digital players, due to the existence of well established local social networks and web-based services launched in early 2000s, such as CyWorldNaver and Mixi.

In recent years East Asia has been driving the trend of mobile social messaging apps, like Kakao TalkWeChat and LINE.

Southeast Asia is nowadays one of the most active areas in the world in terms of social media usage, with a strong penetration of global platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, and local players such as Mig33 and


Social networks

  • MixiMixi
    It has been the main social network among Japanese Internet users since 2004, now overtaken by Facebook

    The biggest Japanese social gaming platform, with over 150M users globally

  • DeNaDeNa
    Japanese social gaming platform, popular at the global level

  • CyworldCyworld
    Popular social network in South Korea, launched launched in 1999 with its own system of virtual currency

  • ZingMeZingMe
    Social network and social-gaming platform from Vietnam, launched by VNG Corporation

  • Mig33Mig33
    Social entertainment platform from Singapore. It has 65 million users, mainly from Indonesia, Middle East and Africa

  • CozyCot CozyCot
    Women-oriented social network from Singapore

  • FriendsterFriendster
    Social network from Malaysia, relaunched in 2011 as a social-gaming platform with over 100M users in the Pacific Asia area

  • PlurkPlurk
    Social networking and micro-blogging service from Taiwan

  • Me2DayMe2Day
    Korean microblogging website targeting a young audience, owned by Naver

  • KoprolKoprol
    Indonesian social networking service, allowing users to connect based on location (owned by Yahoo!)

  • Nate ConnectNate Connect
    Micro-blogging service from South Korea, launched in 2010 by SK Communications (owner of Cyworld)

  • TistoryTistory
    Popular light-blogging platform in South Korea, powered by Daum

  • KaskusKaskus
    The biggest online forum/web community in Indonesia

  • PantipPantip
    Very popular online forum in Thailand

Mobile Platforms

  • Kakao TalkKakao Talk
    The main mobile messaging app in South Korea, very popular all over South East Asia (50+ million users)

  • LineLine
    Booming social and messaging app made by Naver Japan, counting over 100 million users (in Japan and worldwide)

  • MobageMobage
    Japanese mobile social gaming platform, owned by DeNa

  • VikiViki
    Singapore-based video sharing platform for Korean, Taiwanese and Western TV series

  • NiconicoNiconico
    Japanese video sharing and social networking platform – contents mostly about Japanese pop culture

  • Yahoo! JapanYahoo! Japan
    The dominant search engine in Japan

  • Naver SearchNaver Search
    The main South Korean search engine and web services provider

    Owned by Tencent Holdings, it’s among the most visited websites in China and South Korea

  • BiglobeBiglobe
    Japanese search engine owned by NEC

  • DaumDaum
    South Korean search engine and web portal

  • EynyEyny
    Search engine, web portal and social gaming platform popular in Taiwan

  • CocCocCocCoc
    Russo-Vietnamese search engine targeting Vietnamese Internet users

  • WadaWada
    Newly-launched search engine targeting the Vietnamese audience (currently in a test-phase)

E-commerce Platforms

  • RakutenRakuten
    N.1 ecommerce company in Japan, active with online malls, travel-booking & entertainment distribution

  • ZaloraZalora
    Asia’s biggest online fashion store, launched by Rocket Internet

  • MultiplyMultiply
    A social/e-commerce platform based in Indonesia, very popular in the Asia Pacific area, especially in the Philippines

  • TaradTarad
    E-commerce platform launched by Rakuten in Thailand

  • 123Mua123Mua
    A Vietnamese e-commerce platform owned by VNG Corporation

  • TokopediaTokopedia
    A large C2C ecommerce store from Indonesia

  • YesAsiaYesAsia
    E-commerce platform for entertainment products, popular all over Eastern Asia

  • VanclVancl
    One of the biggest Asian online clothing online retailer

  • RumaRuma
    Web-based service to enable shops owners in Indonesia to sell items via text messages



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